Best 4 VPN in China, OMG, Just only one!

On March 21, 2022, test will be conducted on a Windows 10 device today. The test VPNs include ExpressVPN, PureVPN, StrongVPN, and AtlasVPN. If there is enough time, we will test others. Each VPN will indicate its App version number, connection protocol and other information at the beginning before the test. As a result, the number of VPNs tested this time is large, so each VPN will usually randomly check 5-10 servers in different regions. If there are officially recommended servers, it will be explained in the test. If you have any questions, you can leave a message (anonymous) to communicate.

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Starting Time: March 21, 2022, 1:12 PM
Local device and network: China telecom 300M / Windows10;

ExpressVPN Windows VPN Test in China

Version: 10.20.0 (6);
Protocol: Automatic;
Office website:

Official recommend servers test

USA – Los Angeles – 5: Success; (Time efficiency: 3s) – Recommend
Speedtest Ping: 396ms. Download: 43.8Mbps. Upload: 28.47Mbps;

USA – Santa Monica: Success; (Time efficiency: 5s) – Recommend
Speedtest Ping: 136ms. Download: 123.54Mbps. Upload: 22.15Mbps;

Japan – Yokohama: Success; (Time efficiency: 3s) – Recommend
Speedtest Ping: 146ms. Download: 66.84Mbps. Upload: 33.67Mbps;

France – Alsace: Success; (Time efficiency: 5s) – Recommend
Speedtest Ping: 248ms. Download: 89.32Mbps. Upload: 28.67Mbps;

UK – Wembley: Success; (Time efficiency: 3s) – Recommend
Speedtest Ping: 262ms. Download: 96.12Mbps. Upload: 14.56Mbps;
BBC iPlay: Yes;

Singapore – Marina Bay: Success; (Time efficiency: 3s) – Recommend
Speedtest Ping: 350ms. Download: 10.73Mbps. Upload: 11.43Mbps;

Unofficial Recommend servers test in China

USA – New York: Success; (Time efficiency: 24s) – Unofficial
Speedtest Ping: 228ms. Download: 63.07Mbps. Upload: 1.3Mbps;

USA – San Francisco: Failed; – Unofficial
USA – Chicago: Success; (Time efficiency: 8s) – Unofficial
Speedtest Ping: 180ms. Download: 150.73Mbps. Upload: 9.67Mbps;

USA – Washington DC: Success; (Time efficiency: 19s) – Unofficial
Speedtest Ping: 212ms. Download: 171.12Mbps. Upload: 35.28Mbps;

USA – Dallas: Failed; – Unofficial
Canada – Toronto: Failed; – Unofficial
Canada – Vancouver: Failed; – Unofficial
Canada – Montreal: Success; (Time efficiency: 10s) – Unofficial
Speedtest Ping: 217ms. Download: 18.9Mbps. Upload: 35.55Mbps;

Argentina: Failed; – Unofficial
France – Strasbourg: Success; (Time efficiency: 3s) – Unofficial
Speedtest Ping: 243ms. Download: 25.08Mbps. Upload: 36.53Mbps;

France – Paris – 2: Failed; – Unofficial
France – Marseille: Failed; – Unofficial
UK – East London: Failed; – Unofficial
UK – Docklands: Success; (Time efficiency: 3s) – Unofficial
Speedtest Ping: 260ms. Download: 104.36Mbps. Upload: 34.54Mbps;

Summary: The above is the connection situation of ExpressVPN in Windows 10. Recommend’s server connection is definitely no problem. Unofficial’s servers are partially available, it’s like in the sponge, positive is always there, and some of the speeds are not bad. It is especially suitable for peak periods of network congestion (evening). In addition, according to my usual usage, I learned that Macbook, iOS (iPhone/iPad), and Windows 11 can also be connected normally. As for the Android device, I can’t test it because I don’t have the device, but I haven’t received any feedback from readers about Android not connecting recently, so I think it should also be smooth.

Today’s test ExpressVPN Score: ★ ★ ★ ★

StrongVPN Windows Test in China

Official Website:

StrongVPN International Version test

Protocol: IKEv2;

Australia – Melbourne: Failed; (Error code: 809)
Australia – Sydney: Failed; (Error code: 809)
Australia – Brisbane: Failed; (Error code: 809)
Austria – Vienna: Failed; (Error code: 809)
Belgium – Brussels: Failed; (Error code: 809)
Canada – Montreal: Failed; (Error code: 809)
Canada – Toronto: Failed; (Error code: 809)
Estonia – Tallinn: Failed; (Error code: 809)
Denmark – Copenhagen: Failed; (Error code: 809)
France – Paris: Failed; (Error code: 809)
Latvia – Riga: Failed; (Error code: 809)
USA -Dallas: Failed; (Error code: 809)
UK – London: Failed; (Error code: 809)
Switzerland – Zurich: Failed; (Error code: 809)

StrongVPN Client Version Test

Version: 1.6.5;
Protocol: TCP;

USA – Los Angeles #302: Failed
Korea – Seoul #303: Failed;
USA – San Francisco #309: Failed;
USA – San Francisco #301: Failed;
USA – San Francisco #302: Failed;
USA – San Francisco #303: Failed;
USA – San Francisco #304: Failed;
USA – San Francisco #305: Failed;

Since StrongVPN’s international version and Client version are all invalid, I contacted StrongVPN’s online chat customer service for consultation. It sets up my account in the background, then asks me to click “log Out” to log out first, then log in. Do not switch servers after logging in, just click “Connect” to connect.

According to the customer service operation, I successfully connected to the “USA – San Francisco #VPN7” server. At the same time, I learned from the StrongVPN customer service that this is a temporary solution. The server and IP blocked by the StrongVPN firewall have been repaired. During this period, the server can be used to connect to the wall. I will pay close attention to StrongVPN’s fixes and will let you know as soon as possible if there is an update.

If you are StrongVPN, please contact customer service to help you solve the problem. Because this server is not in the list of common servers, you will not be able to find it yourself. Customer service has to manually adjust it for you. In addition, I thought that netizens said that the client login is not sure whether to log in with a key or an email. I just tried it to make sure that it is an email login.

Client: USA – San Francisco #VPN7: Success; (Time efficiency: 10s)
Speedtest Ping: 182ms. Download: 5.41Mbps. Upload: 27.54Mbps;
Youtube Speed Connection: 7432 Kbps;

Today’s Test StrongVPN Score: ★ ☆

PureVPN Windows Test in China

Protocol: Automatic;

USA – Los Angeles: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
USA – San Francisco: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
USA – New York: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
USA – Chicago: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
UK – Manchester: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
UK – London: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
AU – Sydney: Success; (Time efficiency: 6s) – IKEv2
Speedtest Ping: 329ms. Download: 3.65Mbps. Upload: 4.67Mbps;
YouTube Speed Connection: 18063 Kbps;

AU – Melbourne: Success; (Time efficiency: 15s) – UDP
Speedtest Ping: 464ms. Download: 2.17Mbps. Upload: 34.84Mbps;
YouTube Speed Connection: 12700 Kbps;

AU – Perth: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
AU – Brisbane: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
DE – Frankfurt: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
CA – Vancouver: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
CA – Toronto: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
NL – Amsterdam: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
HongKong: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
MY – Kuala Lumpur: Success; (Time efficiency: 15s) – IKEv2
Speedtest Ping: 392ms. Download: 13.47Mbps. Upload: 3.73Mbps;
YouTube Speed Connection: 17677 Kbps;

JP – Tokyo: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
Singapore: Success; (Time efficiency: 15s) – UDP
Speedtest Ping: 328ms. Download: 1.19Mbps. Upload: 31.42Mbps;
YouTube Speed Connection: 9974 Kbps;

IT – Milano: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
Luxembourg: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
Austria – Vienna: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)
Denmark – Copenhagen: Failed; (Error Code: 5012)

Summary: PureVPN tested 22 servers in Windows 10 and successfully connected to 4 servers. Judging from the long-term use of PureVPN in China, this is a situation that has been blocked by the Great Firewall. But there are still a lot of servers, and because of many such blockades, there is already a certain experience. Therefore, every time it is blocked, it has several servers that can help users connect, which is why PureVPN has survived in the Chinese market for a long time. Recovery is a matter of time. Although the repair speed is not as fast as ExpressVPN, there are still some customers who will choose it when the price is cheaper. Therefore, it is necessary for me to continue to pay attention to its status.

I have tested about 30% of the servers above, and there are more than half of the servers. If you are PureVPN, you can try it. There must be some other servers available that I haven’t found.

Today Test PureVPN Score:★ ★

AtlasVPN Test in China

Version: 2.3.2;
Protocol: Automatic;

Chile: Failed;
Brazil: Failed;
Australia: Failed;
India: Success; (Time efficiency: 69s)
Speedtest Ping: 409ms. Download: 7.36Mbps. Upload: 7.12Mbps;
YouTube Speed Connection: 17078 Kbps;

My goodness, the later test actually disappeared. I got it wrong there. There are still about 15 server tests in the back, and about 3-4 servers are successfully connected.